Meningitis Causing Persistent Vegetative State

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Infections that are not treated in a timely manner can turn into extremely dangerous and even life-long conditions. One such example is meningitis that is not treated correctly, which tragically can result in a persistent vegetative state. If this has happened to someone you love, you should consider seeking the guidance of a Baltimore medical malpractice lawyer at Lebowitz & Mzhen who can aggressively advocate for your rights. Our attorneys are committed to holding negligent medical professionals accountable for the harm that they cause. Our clients come from throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area.

Pursuing Damages for a Persistent Vegetative State Resulting from Meningitis

A persistent vegetative state (PVS) takes place when, after a coma, a patient loses cognition and can undertake only a limited range of involuntary actions on his or her own. While it may appear the patient is brain dead, the lower brain stem in PVS patients is still functioning. As a result, PVS patients can do things like blink, breathe independently, open their eyes, have normal circulation, and move their body parts through reflexes. A coma is different from PVS in that the patient will not even have the low levels of consciousness that are seen in PVS patients.

While there are multiple causes of PVS, one cause is a failure to promptly diagnose and treat meningitis. This is a dangerous, rapidly developing disease that occurs when the brain and spinal cord membranes become inflamed due to an infection of the surrounding fluid. Devastating harm can occur if meningitis is not promptly identified by a capable doctor. When this happens, a medical malpractice action may be appropriate.

Medical malpractice cases are based on errors, omissions, and wrongful acts committed by physicians and other health care providers. These claims are typically rooted in the legal principle of negligence, which applies when someone was harmed because another party failed to use the appropriate level of care in the situation. In other words, medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider fails to do what a competent, qualified health care provider in the same specialty would have done under the same or similar circumstances. In addition, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the health care provider’s failure to use the accepted standard of care was a direct cause of his or her harm.

These claims tend to be particularly technical and require testimony from expert witnesses in the defendant’s specialty. As a result, enlisting a lawyer who can put together a competent and qualified team of necessary expert witnesses to build your case is critical.

PVS patients often need extremely costly care over the course of their lifetimes. Since the financial burden of someone suffering from persistent vegetative state is enormous, the damages in these cases are usually substantial. Typically, a plaintiff will be able to seek compensation for damages occurring in the past, present, and future, including for the injury itself, lost wages, medical costs, hospital costs, pharmacy costs, nursing costs, occupational and physical therapy, pain and suffering, and loss of independence and ability to enjoy life.

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