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Maryland Injury-Related Trucking Accidents Caused by Sideswipe-Type Collisions

Being involved in a car, truck or motorcycle crash is no laughing matter. Neither is having to endure days, weeks or even months of medical treatment and physical therapy to, hopefully, recover from the injuries sustained in the accident. When negligence on the part of another driver is indicated, there is no reason that you, as the victim of a careless act, should have to pay for hospital expenses and doctor bills on your own. At the law offices of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, we believe that victims of traffic accidents should have recourse to pursue those responsible for their injuries.

Of the many different types of beltway and interstate crashes, the so-called “sideswipe” collision is perhaps one of the least talked about; yet at its core, a sideswipe collision can be just as deadly as any head-on crash, depending on the circumstances. Often described as a “glancing blow” from another vehicle, sideswipe impacts can set into motion a series of events that may cause an even worse accident. As Maryland auto and trucking injury attorneys, our legal team knows that serious injury accidents often start from seemingly minor events.

These kinds of traffic wrecks can take place when one motorist, or sometimes a truck driver, overreacts to a road hazard, such as debris in the road or to avoid an impending collision with another motor vehicle. When the person whose actions result in a sideswipe incident is a commercial truck driver, the results can range from severe to fatal. For instance, by taking action to avoid hitting another vehicle in the roadway a trucker may actually steer his rig into an adjacent passenger car or other truck, causing a chain reaction crash.

Under less extreme circumstances, a sideswipe collision from a commercial motor vehicle (or CMV) may result from the simple act of changing lanes without checking to make certain the adjacent lane is free of any other vehicles. In what could often be regarded as a negligent act, the trucker may sideswipe the car, truck or SUV next to him, causing the victim’s vehicle to travel off the roadway, then striking a stationary object such as a tree or bridge abutment; or the victim’s vehicle may end up hitting another vehicle causing additional injuries or property damage.

The resulting crash following a negligent sideswipe impact -- caused by a careless motorist or distracted truck driver -- can be sufficiently severe as to send multiple victims to the hospital with any number of serious or life-threatening injuries. As Maryland commercial trucking accident lawyers, the professional staff at Lebowitz & Mzhen has the legal training to assist victims of traffic-related injury accidents in areas such as Bowie, Annapolis, Rockville and Cumberland, not to mention the Washington, D.C., area.

Because of the angle of impact associated with sideswipe collisions, which are oftentimes referred to as "blind spot" accidents, the resulting damage to a victim’s vehicle can include dented quarter panels, scratched or gouged side doors or detached side-view mirrors. Because of the nature of these impacts, so-called “intrusive damage” is typically less than that seen with T-bone type collisions and the more deadly head-on crashes that occur on undivided highways and other roadways.

But even though a sideswipe crash may not seem that severe from the standpoint of a third-party observer, as experienced injury lawyers we know that even a glancing-blow from a commercial truck can result in significant injury to an occupant’s shoulder or neck due to unexpected side-to-side jolting motion that such collisions can impart. Even so, many insurance carriers may dispute certain injury claims by victims because the collision was “only” a glancing blow, rather than a direct impact.

Because of the higher probability that an insurance company may hesitate to pay on a claim for injuries sustained in a sideswipe-type collision, victims may benefit from the expert advice of a Baltimore commercial trucking lawyer. A skilled personal injury attorney with expertise in trucking-related accident cases can understand the physics of these kinds of accidents, which can be used to formulate legal arguments that may be accepted in court, and which will address the oft-expected contrary arguments that the insurance carrier’s lawyers will likely assert.

Regardless of the circumstances leading up to a sideswipe accident involving a commercial truck driver, if serious or fatal injuries were involved, the victim or his family should consider speaking with a skilled legal professional to better understand their rights under Maryland’s legal statutes. The law firm of Lebowitz & Mzhen is always ready to assist victims, as well as their families whenever negligence is indicated in the injury or death of an innocent person.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Maryland commercial trucking wreck, our legal team is ready, willing and able to apply our many years of litigation expertise to help you prevail in your claim against a negligent truck driver or trucking company. Our dedication to our clients shows in every lawsuit we prepare against those we believe to be responsible for an injury-related traffic accident. Our personal injury attorneys are glad to talk with you to help you understand your right following a serious automobile or commercial truck accident. Please call our toll-free number -- (800) 654-1949 -- or contact Jack Lebowitz or Vadim Mzhen by email to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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