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Maryland Injury Accidents Resulting From Truck Transmission Failure

Commercial trucking accidents can occur any time, for any number of reasons. While weather- and traffic-related collisions are common sources of serious injury and death, trucking wrecks can also be caused by mechanical problems, such as brake failure or blown-out tires. These latter types of problems, which are very often the cause of commercial trucking crashes, can also be joined by less frequent mechanical issues like engine problems and lighting-related failures.

One kind of mechanical problem that can sometimes cause a severe traffic accident involves the failure or malfunction of a commercial truck’s transmission; this kind of problem may cause trouble with the driven wheels resulting in the driver possibly losing control of the vehicle. Similarly, a lesser problem with the transmission shifting mechanism or other controls could result in a loss of concentration on the trucker’s part, leading to collision with other motor vehicles on the roadway.

As Maryland personal injury lawyers trained to handle commercial motor vehicle (CMV) injury accidents, the attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, know the critical role that proper vehicle maintenance plays in trucking safety. Our skilled team of legal professionals is dedicated to assisting those individuals who have become the victim of a truck-related interstate, highway, or beltway collision. We believe that innocent victims should not have to shoulder the burden of mounting medical expenses simply because a trucking company is unwilling to own up to its responsibilities.

Of course, it is quite obvious that the cost of maintaining a commercial vehicle, such as a large 18-wheeler or even a medium-sized box-style delivery truck, can be very high. Especially after several years of operation, many mechanical parts and other components -- such as tires, brakes, belts and hoses -- will often need replacement in order to provide preventative maintenance for ultimate safety. These expenses can add up quickly. However, as any passenger car owner surely knows, the importance of maintaining a properly running vehicle is critical to overall safety of the driver, passengers and other innocent people with whom one shares the road.

Keeping the aforementioned items in good shape does cost money, however a serious accident involving a CMV will more than likely result in a worse and more costly scenario. Like the average car owner, it is likely that many commercial fleet owners and trucking operators do not relish the idea of spending money on repairing broken or worn parts. On the other hand, most people understand that the costs involved in automobile maintenance are simply the price for maintaining roadway safety for all concerned; the same can certainly be said for commercial vehicles.

Regrettably, when a trucking company, fleet owner or independent trucker skimps on vehicle maintenance or other important mechanical repairs there could be an opportunity for future disaster just waiting to affect an innocent motorist or pedestrian. While continuous upkeep and regular maintenance is critical for the safety of commercial truck drivers and other motorists who share the roadway with them, money concerns can sometimes outweigh a commercial trucking company’s concern for the safety of their vehicles.

As trucking injury accident lawyers, Lebowitz & Mzhen knows that when a driver or trucking company fails to take proper care of a tractor-trailer rig, and essentially allow a sometimes dangerous vehicle onto Maryland roadways, then that trucker or transportation company may be held liable for injuries or deaths that can result from a trucking-related accident. Although it may seem that a conscientious commercial trucking firm should stay current with its vehicles’ scheduled maintenance procedures, especially to avoid potential liability down the road, many commercial truck drivers and trucking companies avoid spending money on maintenance for as long as possible. It can be seen, as well, that this is often a false economy when a mechanical failure results in a serious injury-related or fatal traffic accident.

Some of the more common mechanical or equipment failures that are often seen on CMVs include faulty or poorly maintained braking systems; dangerously worn or improperly inflated tires; burned out, missing or defective marker lights, headlamps and taillights; defective or poorly made/installed safety equipment, namely underride guards; and failed transmissions.

As professional injury attorneys, our legal team understands that some trucking companies or their employees avoid or forget to do the bare minimum to maintain their commercial motor vehicles for the road. Despite the benefits of having a well-maintained CMV, the desire to spend as little money as possible -- in the interest of a marginal improvement of the bottom line -- has led to many a serious trucking-related wreck. The corresponding injuries and deaths associated with such irresponsible practices continue to amaze the general public and outrage victims’ families.

If a commercial trucking company has not properly maintained an 18-wheeler or other large commercial motor vehicle, an accident resulting from a mechanical failure may leave that firm liable for damages resulting from a related traffic accident. Whether a crash takes place in or around Baltimore, Annapolis, Rockville, or the District, the Lebowitz & Mzhen legal team is prepared to assist victims and their families. Being injured as a result of poor or improper vehicle maintenance should not mean that a victim pays the entire cost of his or her medical treatment.

As professional litigators experienced in filing personal injury claims against defendants in automobile, commercial trucking, or motorcycle-related highway and beltway wrecks, we fully understand how stressful it is to be laid up in a hospital bed while fighting a legal battle over doctor, emergency room and rehabilitation costs. Our lawyers can explain your rights to compensation following a severe accident caused by a negligent driver or slipshod vehicle maintenance.

Faced with expensive hospital bills, emergency room services, and physical rehab costs, victims of commercial trucking accidents can rely on our lawyers to help fight for their financial future during one of the most difficult times of their lives. Automobile and trucking accident victims do have rights, and our law firm recommends that anyone who is seriously injured in a car or truck collision take a moment to make a phone call to a skilled personal injury attorney. At the law offices of Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, our staff is happy to discuss your car, motorcycle or commercial trucking injury case. Contact us toll-free at (800) 654-1949; or email either Jack Lebowitz or Vadim Mzhen to set up a free, no-obligation consultation today.

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