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Car Accident FAQs

Can I Recover Monetary Damages for Pain and Suffering Following a Maryland Car Crash? Automobile Accidents and Passenger Safety Avoiding Weather-Related Traffic Accidents Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer Filing an Auto Accident Injury Claim Against a Family Member How Contributory Negligence can Undermine a Maryland Auto Injury Claim Importance of Driver Awareness to Traffic Safety Importance of Witnesses in Auto Injury Lawsuits Liability in Car Accidents Obtaining a Third-Party Account of a Maryland Car Accident Passenger Safety as a Function of Vehicle Size Pursuing a Maryland Auto Insurance Claim Settlement Safety Tips for Driving in Winter Weather The Dangers of Offset Car Collisions The Importance of Using a Child Safety Seat The Role of Vehicle Maintenance in Roadway Safety Traffic Collisions and the Dangers to Pregnant Women and Unborn Children Traffic Safety Tips for Avoiding a Maryland Automobile Accident Understanding Car Accident Insurance Claims Understanding Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage What to do Following a Car or Truck Accident (FAQ) What to Provide a Personal Injury Attorney When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney How do I Prove Negligence in a Maryland Personal Injury Case? What is Contributory Negligence with Respect to Maryland Auto Accidents? How Difficult is it to Prove 100-percent Fault on the Part of a Negligent Maryland Driver? What Should I Do Following a Maryland Automobile Accident? How Long Can I Wait to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Maryland? Is it Possible to File a Personal Injury Suit Against a State of Maryland Government Agency, Department or Employee? How Long Can I Wait to File a No-Fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Claim? What is Maryland’s Collateral Source Rule? How Does Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Work After a Maryland Traffic Collision? Is Maryland Considered a “No-Fault” State for Auto and Trucking Accidents? What Happens if the Driver Responsible for My Injuries Only has the Minimum Insurance Coverage Required by the State of Maryland? What is a Maryland Motor Tort? Can a Pedestrian be Found “at Fault” in a Maryland Crosswalk Accident? As the Victim of a Maryland Hit-and-Run Pedestrian Accident, can I Hope for any Monetary Recovery to Help Pay for My Medical Bills? My Collarbone was Broken in a Maryland Car Crash That was not My Fault. Can I Sue for My Medical Expenses? Can Surviving Family Members sue a Negligent Driver Over the Death of a Parent in a Maryland Beltway Accident? Can Family Members File a “Survival Action” Following the Death of a Loved One in a Fatal Maryland Roadway Collision? Can I Recover Monetary Damages for My Physical Pain Following a Maryland Traffic Accident? I Broke My Leg in a Maryland Traffic Accident While Driving a Company Car. Can I File a Personal Injury Claim Against My Employer? Is It Possible to sue the Manufacturer of the Smartphone That a Negligent Driver was Using at the Time of an Accident in Which I was Badly Injured?
Client Reviews
Throughout the process [of the motor vehicle collision case] you were available, responsive and up front. You were available for my questions, and my need for reassurance, and when the opportunity arose to better the outcome of my case, you did not shy away from the extra work. You have proven yourself to be an honest, realistic and caring advocate for the little guy in need. I will refer your firm to any who may be in similar need. John C.
I can't thank you enough for your efforts and dedication to resolving my case. I also want to thank you for your consistent professional manner, touched with that extra personal care that I sensed whenever we communicated. . . . You are a wonderful person and I wish you continued success. Again, thanks for everything. Hallie W.
I am proud to have had Lebowitz & Mzhen represent me in an automobile personal injury case I was involved with. Not only did they come through with a settlement worth far more than I thought possible, the entire office was always friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any questions I had. Should an incident like this occur again, I will not hesitate to contact Lebowitz & Mzhen for their counsel, advice and representation, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking honest and effective attorneys. Mark B.
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